android toughbook coming soon!!!

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android toughbook coming soon!!!

#1 Post by luebke5530 »

I stopped by the panny site for some drivers and noticed a press release for an android toughbook tablet. The link appears to be down but anybody else hear about it?

-1 CF-31ACNAA 1M-WIN 7 PRO, Intel Core i5 2.53 GHz w/ATI discrete graphics, 13.3" Touch XGA, 4GB RAM, 500GB 7200RPM HYBRID HD, Intel 802.11a+b+g+n, TPM1.2, Bluetooth, GOBI 2k.
-2 CF-29NTQGZBM-Intel Pentium M 778 1.6GHzLv (Centrino),13.3" Touch XGA,1.5GB RAM, 320GB 5400 RPM HD,Intel 802.11a+b+g, WIN XP SP2, TPM1.2, CD +/-RW.
-1 CF-73XCVTSBM-Intel Pentium M-2.0GHz, 13.3" TOUCH, 1.5GB RAM, 250GB 5400 RPM HD, CD +/- RW DVD ROM, 56K/LAN, WIN XP PRO,
-1 CF-51JF2DCBM-Intel Pentium M 760 2.0GHz (Centrino), 15" UXGA, 2GB RAM, 320GB 5400 RPM HD, 128MB VRAM, 56K, 1Gb Ethernet, Intel 802.11a+b+g, Combo drive, WIN XP SP2, SmartCard.

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Re: android toughbook coming soon!!!

#2 Post by Silver Trooper »

One CF-52, four CF-18's, 4.5 CF-28's, one CF-29, five CF-M34's, two CF-37's, one CF-P2 and two CF-P1's. There are also two Getac A320T's, one Fieldpac and two IBM Transnotes. Not to mention the AMD 5600 CPU with three monitors and several HP PDA's. Whew! Must quit, must have MORE! Then there are the weapons...

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Re: android toughbook coming soon!!!

#3 Post by wyrm73 »

Rob posted this a few weeks back and I have been drooling every since. Has anyone even heard so much as a rumor on the pricing? I'm still not convinced I have a need for one, but I sure WANT it.

Isn't that the first symptom of the Toughbook disease that seems to be so rampant around here? :help:

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