FZ-A2 bluetooth/wireless problems

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FZ-A2 bluetooth/wireless problems

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I have an FZ-A2 with a barcode scanner and I noticed that my wireless module craps out while using WIDI on a projector and the bluetooth module while downloading notes from my notepad through bluetooth. After noticing it I sent it to Panasonic for repairs and it came back with the "main board" and the BT antenna replaced. Only hours after testing it, I had the same issue and I sent it back and Panasonic did the same 'repair.

In my last e-mail I wrote to them the following:

I've been having issues with its connectivity to wireless network and bluetooth network for the past 3 months. I first noticed it while I was away on a work trip to the U.S. I requested warranty service and the technician noted that the bluetooth module is bad and he replaced the main board and the antenna.

After the tablet returned to me, I noticed the same issue and I submitted another warranty request the tablet had its main board replaced second time.

I am seeing this problem again.

I am close to giving up and recycling this tablet. Is this just a feature of this tablet? Unreliable WiFi and Bluetooth module?

The following are the acute description of the issues:
1. I keep the tablet on, connected to a charger constantly, with wifi, 4G and bluetooth module on.
2. Bluetooth module turns itself off while in use.
3. I restart the bluetooth module, and things work for another hour or so.
4. Bluetooth module turns itself off again while downloading notes from my notepad.
5. I check the diagnosis software the the tablet fails the diagnosis test.
6. The wireless module stops working.
I have to then re-start the tablet and re-start the bluetooth module 3~4 times before it works again.

Under warranty the "main PCB" has been replaced twice already apparently, and I don't question the competence of the technician/engineer but I question the design at this point.

I don't know what to do with this tablet anymore. It seems that each time the main board gets replaced but nothing seems to change. Is this tablet just not designed to be used with internet/bluetooth?

Could you please let me know what I can do to have a working tablet again short of recycling this one and buying another one from another company/brand?

The branch is telling me that they are escalating the issue and the team leader will decide what to do with it now.

At the same time I am looking into selling this thing off and transfer (possible, already done once) the warranty off to the new owner and wash my hands because at this point my Lenovo M8 has entirely replaced the role of FZ-A2.

Is this a design flaw or is something wrong with my FZ-A2?

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