FZ-G1 docking station NOT PLUG N PLAY solved the mystery

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FZ-G1 docking station NOT PLUG N PLAY solved the mystery

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hi Guyz, this post ,hopefully is gonna be helpful for some one out there who is gonna struggle with an FZ-G1 and trying to get a display on an external monitor thru the docking station (FZ-VEBG11U PORT REPLICATOR )
FZ-VEBG11U PORT REPLICATOR has only one monitor port where are FZ-VEBG11AU PORT REPLICATOR supports dual monitor
well, here is what we found out
1. go to the FZ-G1 BIOS and disable usb 3.0
2. power off the FZ-G1
3. insert the FZ-G1 on the docking station (DOCKING STATION need to be turned on before inserting the FZ-G1)
4. Power on the FZ-G1
5. There will be a message" display link software installing plz wait"
5. followed by another message " you need to restart"
6. After the restart, the display on the external monitor comes up. all good, (but the USB 3.0 is disabled in bios)
7. take out the FZ-G1 from the docking station
8. Now go to the usb manufacturer website ( NOT the panasonic website)(panasonic is yet to have the patch on their portal, as of nov 12,2015)
8. download the usb 3.0 driver(patch) for the display link (some weird name starting with digital) from this third party website.
9. shut down the FZ-G1
10. restart and go to BIOS
11. Enable USB 3.0
12. shut down FZ-G1 again
13. insert the FZ-G1 into the docking station
14. power on again , and you are all good to go

hope you enjoy doing this.
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Re: FZ-G1 docking station NOT PLUG N PLAY solved the mystery

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Thanks for the information! :)
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