CF-74 Thermal Pads

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CF-74 Thermal Pads

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I recently pulled out my old CF-74GCDADBM and decided to install some Linux. I installed MX-21, everything working as it should. Got the conky I liked and edited the file to get degrees F. WOW it was running about 185 at idle and over 200 when "thinking about stuff".

I pulled it apart and replaced the particles of thermal pads and added new fujipoly. I ran it a few times after and it never cooled down. I didn't mess with it for a week or so thinking I had screwed something up. Today I got it out and its now 105 at idle and the highest I have seen is 125. What the heck? Did it need to just settle in for a while to start transferring heat? :confused:
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Re: CF-74 Thermal Pads

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May have settled some, I have had some I thought were settled but turned out were just too thin.
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