Odd CF-30 sound

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Odd CF-30 sound

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Hello all. I have several CF-30s that have been running Win 10 for over a year (even though Panasonic says the CF-30 is not compatible with Win 10). One recently started making an odd two-tone sound. It sounds like a notification sound and occurs randomly, but the sound is not associated with any Windows system notification or program I have running. The sound is audible even with the computer speakers off. It lasts only a fraction of a second, like a two-tone double beep (low to high), sometimes occurring only once and sometimes occurring two or three times in succession.

Thinking it was an event notification, I have used Event Viewer and Process Monitor to find the sound but to no avail. I have checked online for other possible solutions but have found nothing that identifies the sound. I have run virus and malware scans that show the laptop is clean. I have monitored CPU and memory functions, but still can't pinpoint it.

Because the sound occurs rapidly, randomly and infrequently it is hard to record it, but I will try to capture it and post it here. Does anybody have any idea what this sound might signify? Could it be an indicator of an impending hardware failure?

Thanks for any help.

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