CF-28 Emissive keyboard

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CF-28 Emissive keyboard

#1 Post by ADOR »

I am doing some work on my first toughbook. Will the newer emissive keyboards work on it? I know the first emissive keyboards will work only with the texas board for lighting up. But the rubber keyboard worked and lit up with out the texas board. I was thinking of trying the CF-29/30 emissive keyboard this one.
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Re: CF-28 Emissive keyboard

#2 Post by Springfield »

No, but there is an alternate "Texas" board that will allow the newer emissives to work. I happen to have some . . . (pm me)
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Re: CF-28 Emissive keyboard

#3 Post by Rob »

Texas board needed for SURE! :)

Ken has you!
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