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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:55 pm 
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OK I am a newbie too, and here is my first post. This is something I just worked up, which may be of some benefit to others.

This is a list of a complete Windows 7 install instructions for the CF-29, with ALL drivers working, including the hotkeys.

Actually, the CF-29 works pretty darned good with Windows 7 IMHO.


Windows 7 Installation on a CF-29 - the Right Way

1. If not already done, upgrade your RAM to 1.25GB or 1.5GB by adding a 1GB RAM stick to the memory expansion socket on the bottom of the CF-29.
2. Download the CF-29 Vista upgrade drivers from the Panasonic web site. You will need the viup1_29_45_h070034.exe and the wlan_d080217.exe files. Have them ready on a flash drive.
3. Install Windows 7 normally. You will need a DVD drive in the media bay to do this.
4. Insert the flash drive, and run those two files you downloaded and allow them to unzip to C:\VistaUp and C:\util_d080217 (their default destination).
5. Check the device manager for any devices with yellow exclamation points (usually found under Other devices).
6. Right-click each of these, and click Update driver. Browse to the driver file and upgrade the driver with the .inf file directly (see below).
7. The following drivers will have to be manually installed (use the folder shown):
a. Video driver (C:\VistaUp\drivers\video)
b. Wifi driver - shows as Network controller (C:\util_d080217\wlan)
c. Audio driver (use the XP driver for now) 5.10.4251.0 (C:\util2\audio)
d. Hotkey driver (this driver MUST be the Vista driver C:\VistaUp\hotkey)
e. Replace the standard mouse driver with the C:\VistaUp\drivers\mouse touchscreen driver (restart required)
8. Install the Panasonic Common Components and then the the Panasonic Misc Driver from the C:\util_D080217 folder, NOT from the VistaUp folder. For some reason, the VistaUp folder has older versions of these files.
9. Once the Misc Driver is installed, there will be one Unknown device under system devices. Right-click that, click Update Driver, and browse to the entire C:\ drive to look for the file. It should find it in just the C:\util_080217 folder and subfolders somewhere, but mine could not find it so I just let it search the entire C:\ drive and all subfolders, and it found a driver. That will take a few minutes. Once that driver loads, the Unknown device in System devices changes to Panasonic Misc Driver. The Unknown device MUST find a match and load the Panasonic Misc Driver before you will be able to install any of the Panasonic apps. Do not proceed past this point until Unknown device changes to Panasonic Misc Driver.
10. Double-check and make sure you have a working Panasonic Misc Driver and Hotkey Driver for Panasonic PC under System devices in the device manager before proceeding to install any Panasonic apps. Also verify that all regular devices are clear and that there are no yellow exclamation points indicating other drivers that need updating. If there are, go back and update those drivers before proceeding.
11. Continue installing the other Panasonic apps. We are going to install some from VistaUp, and some from util_d080217 because for some reason, most of the 080217 apps are a newer version:
a. Hotkey appendix app from the C:\util_d080217\hkeyapp folder (requires restart) (note that Hotkey plus app hplsman is not needed for the CF-29)
b. After the computer restarts, test your hotkeys with Fn-F9 to see if you see the battery meter.
c. Battery recal app from the C:\VistaUp folder (requires restart)
d. Wireless switch app from the C:\util_d080217 folder (requires restart)
e. Install the GPS registry fix from the VistaUp folder only if you have factory GPS and are having issues with the touchscreen mouse.
f. Install the Pcinfo app from the VistaUp folder (requires restart).
g. Install the Loupe app (if desired)
12. Activate Windows.
13. Run Windows update.
14. If all seems to be working well, create a system restore point. This will also verify that system restore is protecting the C: drive.
15. Try to fix your low speaker volume. This is a common Windows 7 issue. Some speakers properties boxes have an Enhancements tab where you can turn on some audio boost and fix this. Some do not. Try to update your sound driver via Windows update.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:03 pm 
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Blair, what do you think to make this an announcment?

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:32 pm 
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Thanks Mac! and Welcome to ToughBookTalk!

Wow 3 posts and each one is a positive contribution. Way to go!!

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