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New CF-19 CF-19ADCC7DA
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Author:  Barney [ Mon Aug 17, 2020 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  New CF-19 CF-19ADCC7DA

Just bought a CF-19 Mk 5 CF-19ADCC7DA (I now have 4 TOUGHBOOKS!!)

Missing port covers
Top of lid cracked and marked
Screen scratched quite badly, (anti glare?) coating in a mess
Windows 10 64bit (4gb Ram)
No Power supply
Bad Battery

$100 AUD unit sold as good for parts, (don't quite understand that, it works despite the abuse, that's what Toughbooks are all about!!)
I don't care about cosmetics
Got a MK3 that I was going to repair with the parts, now the mk3 will is the donor
Happy to Duct tape the lid until I can replace it.
Polished most of the scratches out with some Meguires car headlight polish (this removed the anti glare coating and made the screen glossy, but it's 100% better than before.
Everything works except the Front panel buttons (vol works)
I think that it may be a dual touch screen, (finger works, stylus works (a dot appears on the screen when the stylus is hovered over the screen 2-3mm))
Two button stylus

I was considering downgrading to Win 7 32 bit (it has a Win 7 COA on the bottom, I won't be exposing this unit to the net. Good Idea??

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