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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:42 am 

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good stuff ... 'cept for the vapor explosion .
yeah ... i know of a similar situation ... a helluva mechanic , machinist , welder and blacksmith that i knew as a kid , died in a camper ...
he had a small charcoal grill (hibachi) that he brought inside to keep the critters out of it and for warmth .
his wife survived ... she woke up barely able to move and disoriented and managed to get to the door of the camper .
it was too late for mr. jungst .
yep , it is the stupid simple stuff that usually gets certain types .

went to the hangar in fosston early this morning ...
a pilot that owns the hangar in back of the 310 hangar wanted to get rid of a couple of 55 gallon drums of aviation oil .
seems he was running out of room , plus the oil is single weight not multi viscosity .
there is a barrel for winter and one for summer .
the stuff is going for about 6 bucks a quart ... non-synthetic .
sooo ... 55 X 4 X $6.00 X 2 = $2640.00
yeah , for that kind of money , the oil can be swapped out .

for a long time i ran diesel multi grade oil in my s-10 .
we changed the oil at generator powered transmitter sites as well as in the backup generators (once a year ... run or not) .
the powered sites were changed well in advance of getting loaded up ... still easily see through it .
we had to pay to get rid of it , so the chief engineer and i used it in our personal and service rigs as well as gave it to a few friends .

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:42 am 
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I would of kept that oil as well, lol. Found some kind of use for it.

They use to let us get some stuff off the rig, I would take the old back up batteries when they were changed. I had to take the old bad ones too. On the way home there was a recycle center. Got 25 bucks for the old ones. (these are the huge long CAT batteries) and kept the others until they were fully dead for jump starting, etc around the house.

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