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PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:02 pm 

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Having some difficulties installing 4965AGN Wi Fi Card in new Win 7 installs for two CF 30 purchased off of ebay.

First CF-30 was a CF-30DT which means it did not have Wi Fi. Learned this the hard way. Found out however that the two antennae cables were there. Both connectors had tape on them sitting in empty wifi slot. Does this mean that a 4965AGN can be installed? Are those cables really connected to something? When I took the tape off the white cable the connector came with it. These are really miniature. Tried to fix and ended up (Cutting) shortening the cable. Where does that white cable go? Can I get a replacement white cable?

The second is a CF-30CA which had an intermittent original wifi card. Placed a 4965AGN in the slot. Win 7 recognizes it but one of the two antennae cables are two short to connect to the 1 & 3 connector so I connected to the 1 & 2 connector. Win 7 shows no connection with a red x over grayed out strength bar graphs in that status . Do I have to use fingernail polish on one of the card leads as I have seen on other forums or is it a problem with one wrong connector or both. It the white connector is to short go connection 3, how do I increase the length or do I have to buy the white cable and what ever it connectors to? BTW, the wifi switch is on and the wireless switch is enabled in the BIOS and so is the express card.


PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:57 pm 
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The white on the CF-30 parts unit that I have goes to the pass-through. Open back door and look for the shiny brass thingie. (tech term)It's meant to route WLAN to a dock. See the picture for top view.

In your case you got lucky. The white from the other end of the pass-through goes into the lid to the wireless antenna under the black piece next to the latch. You're going to have to take the bottom off and reverse engineer what you see as far as routing goes.

Mine has a bit of slack in the black cable that goes directly into the lid. The white from the pass-through can be pulled on a bit. Just don't pull the end off. :)

If you broke the white wire-less to pass-through replace with another of the same sort. Color no object.

I can't answer the 4965 question but I bet someone can.

I just (finally) replaced a wireless card in a fluky W7 install in a CF-29. Instant success. (Bad card) Funny part is Linux liked it but neither XPP nor W7 did. I was getting a registry error with M$. (shrugs)

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:08 am 
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The original cables "should" be long enough to connect to 1 and 3. Jeff is correct on trying to reroute the cables. I can't remember at the moment, but I think the cable goes to the rear pass through for a dock. If that's the case, replacing the cable will be somewhat simple.
I have been soldering since I was about 12 and I won't even try to lengthen one of those UFL antenna cables. I replace with a longer one. The card will work with antennas on 1 and 2. Not as well, but it should work.
Where did you get the cards? You do not want ones from an IBM or an HP. I can't remember for sure if I needed to do the pin covering trick on the cf30 or not. I don't think I needed to.


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PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:03 am 
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I have been soldering since I was a kid also, and am earning a living now by soldering iron and I back up what Shawn says about the antenna cables. Buy longer if needed. Even if you got the cable pieces 'glued' together, the signal through it would be poor.

Can not speak about the rest as I have not had my CF-30 apart yet.


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