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Restoring Windows on your Toughbook
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Author:  tomcat57 [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:13 am ]
Post subject:  Restoring Windows on your Toughbook

This is the procedure to use when you are restoring windows on your Toughbook using the recovery cd set or dvd that Panasonic supplies with you model

This is important for upgrading to a new hard drive or just restoring to the original software load after problems with viruses or when you notice a slow down in performance

By using the original restore disks your Toughbook will be put back in a factory supplied condition

Save any data that you need from you Toughbook
Here is n examble of a few items
Look in my documents
Save internet explorer favourites and cookies
Outlook contacts and messages

Hit F2 key when booting and enter the bios settings
Go to the Boot tab
Select your optical drive as the first device to boot to
Save and exit bios

Insert disk 1 in your optical drive and start up the computer
The disk will give you several options
You can erase the hard drive (best choice for reinstalling on you old drive)
When the erase is finished you need to reboot and the options will come up again on the reboot
Now you have options on reinstalling on the whole hard drive or you have the option on creating separate partitions for the o/s and for data
I always partition on the drives larger than 80 GB allowing at least 60 GB for the main o/s partition
After that is decided the software will be installed and will prompt you when it needs the second disk as so on
Its important to note that you should quickly put in the disks when asked as a long delay has caused the restore not to complete
When the restore is finished it will prompt you to remove the disk and to reboot the computer
At that time you should re-enter the bios and change the setting back to the hard drive as first boot device


You will be prompted at the first run to personalize the settings
Language setup and keyboard, your name etc.
When you get through all that and get into windows for the first time your hardware will be configured correct and will be working properly
Hardware items that will not get configured
*Wwan wireless software will have to be loaded
*Wi-fi software if you have upgraded the wi-card
*Sometimes Bluetooth software
*Any other hardware items added from the stock configuration

The display configuration Panasonic usually has set-up is a high contrast setting that looks terrible ,so right click on the desktop and change the theme to a more common one


Your restore disks will show the service pack version # of windows as part of the part number on the disks
An example is my cf-29 mk-2 disks
After xp it has the number 1 so that contains sp-1 only
You will need to get the service packs from the Microsoft site to update to the latest service pack3
I download the complete file here and run this next
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... laylang=en

Now that you have windows in the latest version you can run windows update with custom settings and choose all the high priority items and finish updating the windows installation
You might have to restart the computer several times

Next install your data back on the computer
Go to the Panasonic downloads site and see if there is updates for you model
These updates will be newer than the restore disks and will be usually found on the main site here
Note: The updates are shown in red and marked as latest update

http://pc-dl.panasonic.co.jp/cgi-bin/it ... k/dl01.cgi

After you download and install the lasest Panasonic updates and reboot you can go back to the Microsoft download site and check for and download newer updates for your hardware

Note: This tread was written quickly by me to a query from a forum member interested in understanding the restore procedure
It’s a work in progress , and I will be updating and adding things that I think of later
It took a while to type this all out

In the same time it took to make up I could have restored four Toughbooks lol


Author:  Rob [ Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Restoring Windows on your Toughbook

I've turned this thread into a sticky!!! GOOD INFO!

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