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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 11:24 am 
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toughasnails wrote:
Welcome to Toughbook Talk

As you can tell we are a little nuts but we do know our Toughbooks.... :cheers:

A little? :boing:

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Long read but worth it if you care to educate yourself. This is the answer I give my customers when they ask about consumer grade garbage laptops VS buying a commercial grade Toughbook:

Ohh boy, where do I start…

Simple answer: Reliability. END OF STORY! :)

Extended uncut, unrated version (written with passion since I love my job):

You’re putting a consumer grade product into a commercial environment… Not good… It WILL fail… You WON’T be able to use it outside either because the screen isn’t bright enough.. Consumer grade stuff made in China next to the iPhone/Dell/Toshiba/HP all made by Foxconn where they have suicide nets on the side of their building to prevent their child labor from committing suicide… It’s bad… really bad. There is a reason they are so cheap and has only a 1 year warranty standard VS Panasonic’s 3 year standard warranty.

On top of that a consumer grade device like a surface isn’t rated for ANYTHING. The screens alone aren’t designed to run more than 8,000 hours VS Toughbooks at 40,000+ hours.

Also, as a whole (Not just the Toughbooks), Panasonic is the ONLY company left in the entire WORLD that owns their own assembly lines so their QA is remarkable as a result of keeping all of it in house. There is a reason a Panasonic microwave ($300+) or air conditioner unit is WAY more than the competition too. You get what you pay for.
Also you can put a consumer grade made in China computer like a surface next to a commercial grade Toughbook overseen by Japan next to each other and the Toughbook will out-perform the consumer grade device ALL DAY LONG on WiFi performance, Bluetooth, and GPS/4G LTE (If applicable)

I’ve attached another brochure. Read it through. The cost of downtime is bad as you know and in most cases you don’t know the costs. Take a look at the annualized failure rates too.

Last but not least, there is a reason that surgeons that are doing brain surgery are using Panasonic devices and Toughbooks in the OR. If you were in surgery and they were using a cheap made in China device would you feel comfortable or would you feel better knowing that the computers and electronics they are using are commercial grade and WON’T fail? I really, *TRULY* do love my job (I’ve been doing this (Toughbooks) for over 13 years)) and I feel comfortable knowing that the products we sell and support are going out on the line where people’s lives are on the line. This is why we *REFUSE* to sell anything but the best. :)

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